Nakani is a Tlingit word for a person or entity which serves as a connector and go-between for different people and
The Nakani Native Program, led by Native people, recognizes the deep cultural conflicts that exist between mainstream society and Native Americans. Consequently, we advocate for equity and social justice so that we can enhance our lives, build our resilience, and contribute to the survival of all.


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Join Us For LovingKindness Meditation

The Nakani Native Program presents weekday Loving Kindness Meditation sessions for health and stress relief, open to anyone but especially aimed at Native Americans and front line health care workers.

Nakani Delivery Food Program

Photo caption: Issa Ndiaye (left) of the West African Community Council, receives a half-truckload of food donated by Farmer Frog. Food delivery is a service of the Nakani Native Program. Also pictured: Jeff Smith. (8/12/20)

Nakani Actions on COVID-19, May 2020


The Nakani Native Program is shifting priorities and operations to respond to the COVID-19 health crisis. 


The resources that we would normally obtain and provide to support the Tribal Canoe Journey, which has been cancelled for 2020, have been redirected to purchase survival supplies for unhoused people in Seattle.


With financial support from Healthier Here’s Medicaid Transformation Project

  • we have contracted with gatherers of traditional plant foods and medicines to distribute and provide traditional plant medicines to Native people, especially pregnant women
  • we have contracted with a Native organization to procure cloth face masks from tribal craftspeople on the Makah and Warm Springs reservations and distribute them to urban Native people.  

Under the Advocacy and Building Bridges programs, we have contracted with two well known experts to produce and present educational programs on Traditional Native Foods and Medicines, emphasizing the ecological and social importance of traditional ways, the damage done by industrial society and possibilities for reconciliation. 

Nakani Native Program Supports South Sound Street Medics (SSSM)

The South Sound Street Medics (SSSM) employs an Indigenous governance structure and comprises 20 individuals, it was formed on May 30th, 2020.

They follow the AIM model of street medicine,providing medical services to underserved populations in the community and on the front lines of civil rights protest. Since our formation, SSSM has been involved in over 40 direct actions at locations such as Seattle (CHOP), Olympia and Portland.  

Their medics have responded to gunshot wounds, stabbings, broken noses, tear gas attacks, strokes and seizures with the utmost professionalism. Despite treating all injured parties, our medics have been targeted by racists and extreme right wing militia groups, most notably American Wolf, “The Peacekeepers”, and the Proud Boys. 

SSSM members have been followed home, chased off the road, had pictures taken of their license plates and death threats made upon their family and been subject to physical assaults requiring reconstructive surgery. Despite this, SSSM continues to provide emergency first aid services to those engaging in civil rights direct actions. 

They are in need of supplies. If you are able to donate material supplies please contact their Facebook page. They also have a Paypal account as well (please see below). 

Thank you for your prayers, donations and support.


How You Can Get Involved

Call (206) 799-5719 to Donate Or Contact Us to get Involved

Supporting the Tribal Canoe Journey

Nakani provides technical support and training for the canoe families involved in the Tribal Canoe Journey.

Advocating for Tribal Sovereignty and Treaty Rights

Nakani monitors current struggles and informs the public on how they can support indigenous people’s interests.

Building Bridges Between Cultures

As a “go-between” Nakani provides education and cultural sharing opportunities for mutual enrichment of indigenous people and people from mainstream society.

What We Do

The Nakani Native Program was formed in 2017 after the American Friends Service Committee laid down its Northwest Indian Program. AFSC supported the former staff and committee members in forming a new nonprofit organization to carry on work grounded in the roots of sixty years of service to Pacific Northwest Native American communities.

Our Story

“Nakani” is a Tlingit word for a person or entity which serves as a connector and go-between for different people, places and cultures.

Governed by a committee composed mostly of members of Native tribes, Nakani’s priorities reflect the perceived needs of Native communities. We discern these through frequent contact and involvement with our partner organizations.

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We are always looking for dynamic and passionate people to volunteer with Nakani Native Program. If you have Community Organizing, Non-profit, Fundraising or Development experience please contact us to see how you can help!


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