Stand Up to Oil

Pacific NW Traditional Foods and Medicines: Restoring our Bodies, Spirits and Culture

MAY 20, 2020 & MAY 22, 2020

Two Public Events ·Hosted by Nakani Native Program


Lindsey Crofoot  Wed., May 20 4-6:30 PM PDT

Valerie Segrest   Fri. May 22 1-2:30 PM PDT

Join via Zoom:

Using local traditional edible plants respects the Earth because they do not require petrochemical fertilizers and they greatly reduce the carbon cost of thousands of miles of transportation from source to customers. These plants, once scorned by colonial settlers, now offer exciting possibilities for stabilizing and enhancing our entire food system.

Join the Nakani Native Project and Urban Food Systems Program for two rejuvenating events highlighting Traditional Ecological Knowledge. Our presenters are two highly qualified Native educators, Lindsey Crofoot, instructor at the Northwest Indian College, and Valerie Segrest, Regional Director for Native Food and Knowledge Systems for the Native American Agriculture Fund

Learn about PNW Traditional Foods:

  • Their nature, value and importance, (including their impact on human health),
  • How they are gathered and used,
  • How they are impacted by the petroleum economy, and
  • How non-Natives can relate to them appropriately and respectfully.

Both presentations will be made via the Zoom conferencing platform, and both will be recorded for later viewing.

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